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Welcome to the Michaels Installations and Handyman Services information page. We are a premier provider of Handyman Services. Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service. Because my quality control standards are high, I am among the best in the business. My goal is to always deliver quality and affordable service. We want you, my valued customer, to be happy. Here is a SHORT / COMPLETE list of our services.



I can install any window treatment product such as. In some cases I may have to come to your location to measure and confirm the suitability of the product. The product can then be ordered to exact size and when ready it would be installed. I am a Hunter Douglas certified installer and will handle your installation with care and complete professionalism.

There are many variables to the pricing of this service, so please call for exact price on your custom Installation.

Blinds, Shades or Shutter Repairs

I can receive parts on any Hunter Douglas product. So you may want to repair a shade or blind instead of replace it. If I can not fix it, there is no charge. I have a heated shop and can pick up your product repair and install on the same day, if that is a requirement. I also work on other brands and can source out parts when required. 

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Due to the demand of instant needs for furniture and storage space these days, consumers purchase furniture from retail stores, such as Costco, Staples, Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, Walmart, Ikea, Canadian Tire, Sears, The Bay, etc. Or order on line from places like EBay, Amazon, Sears, Costco, and many others. When that long awaited order finally arrives and your time or skills are limited where do you start. That is when a call to Michaels Installations and Handyman Services can be made and the rest will be up to me. I have assembled many products and can assemble yours.

Please call when you need this service and I will provide you with a price before I arrive at your location.

Handyman Services

Over the years I have repaired and helped customers with various problems. Some easy and some not so easy. It may be something simple or that is just too technical or a list of things such as a "Honey Do List". People want to stay in their homes longer and want to do cosmetic fixes, such as new appliances, hanging TV on the wall, new light fixtures, new plumbing fixtures, taps, light switches, design and install new closet organizers, closet doors, etc. No matter how small of a problem, that is what I do. I fix! If it is un-fixable, then it can be replaced with something comparable or more up to date. The decision always remains with my customers, because I do not push any products on to my customers that are not required.

Please call for a price and I will come out and take a look.

Handyman Services for Seniors

It is a known fact and on the news every day, that the population is getting older. Aging is part of life and we all have to go through it. These days the ultimate plan seems to be the need to stay in your own home as long as possible. There are some things that an elderly person may not be able to do now, but at one time it was just a normal routine. There are companies out there that feed off the elderly and make them pay for things they may not need. Because I am also aging I have a compassion for the dificulties elderly people have with repairs or simple jobs around the home. I offer my services to help the elderly, so that they can enjoy their Golden Years at home in a comfortable and safe place.

Home safety: removing trip hazards, installing grab or hand rails, check smoke detectors(replace batteries)

Home security: Install security locks and chains, door viewers

Minor plumbing works: replacing tap washers, fitting lever tapsraising toilet seats, installing hand held shower heads, etc.

Minor electrical: wiring plugs, replace fuses, change breakers, change light fixtures, change bulbs, brighter or dimmer lighting.

Home energy efficiency: caulking, low energy bulbs, etc.

Accessibility Improvement: widen doorways, wheelchair ramps, etc.

General repairs and other minor jobs:sticking doors, cabinet door adjustments, replacing interior doors, storm doors, replacing door or cabinet handles with levered or looped handles

Assemble flat pack furniture (seniors rate)